Friday, September 23, 2016

Preparing A Witness For Trial


Great care and time is taken in preparing for a trial.  Sometimes overlooked is the preparation of a witness in taking the stand.  Most individuals have never been to court let alone been on a witness stand.  They may be prepared to answer your questions, stating the facts as they know them but they are not ready for the brutality that can sometimes come from the other side.  

A seemingly good witness may crumble or get confused and be discredited when being questioned from opposing council.  The greatest of preparation and legal know how can go up in smoke with the simple oversight of not preparing their witness. 

Besides having experience in court testifying and depositions, the Trial Prep Investigator has likely spent more time with the witness than the Attorney.  Sometimes awkward things to address with the witness, because the Attorney needs the witness to see them as the good guy are their appearance at court and the manner in which they address the court.  The Trial Prep Investigator can instruct the witness on their appearance, addressing the court when answering questions, explain the courtroom mannerisms of opposing council, and the presiding judge.  They can ask them potential questions they may receive from opposing council therefore preparing them for the negative side of cross examination.  The witness will be more confident and the Attorney is fully prepared for trial.

Sue Gent
Private Investigator
Prodigy Investigative Group, Inc.

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